Around 40% of Serbia’s population could be left without a TV signals when the country completes its transition to digital broadcasting on June 17.

According to Advertiser Serbia, delegates attending a roundtable discussion on digitisation and cable TV in Serbia were told that between 38-43% of the population have no set-top box to received digital signals.

It was also pointed out that 100,000 of the most needy citizens would be provided with devices free of charge, while others who do not already have a TV capable of receiving digital TV services would each have to pay up to RSD2,500 (€20.6) for set-top boxes.

Speaking at the event, Branislav Vukovic, representing the company Asseco SEE, said that despite its numerous advantages, digitisation was flawed because it offered no additional services and content.

However, it would increase the competitiveness of operators.