Google raises TV pricing to cover programming costs

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 09 March 2015

Google Fiber is raising its TV prices to $130 per month.

Google, which is in a handful of markets like Kansas City, Austin and Provo, said that it has been forced to raise prices because of increased programming costs.

The Internet giant confirmed to DSLReports that new customers signing on for 1Gbps and 150 TV channels will pay the higher price from 10 March. Existing customers will be grandfathered in at the old rate of $120 a month.

Google Fiber chief Milo Medin has said that programming costs were the "the single biggest piece of our cost structure," and an "impediment".

Now, those costs are catching up.

"Since we kicked off sign-ups for Google Fiber in Kansas City two years ago, we've offered our Gigabit+TV product to residents at $120 per month," a Google spokesperson told DSLReports. "In that time, we've continued to invest in our Gig+TV offering, improving our programming, and offering new benefits (eg, more TV boxes per home, latest devices)."