TiVo debuts comedy curation service

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 09 March 2015

TiVo has unveiled a comedy curation service, which helps viewers discover then watch various shows across ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.

"With access to these collections, especially for TiVo over-the-air (TiVo OTA) users, there is no need to pay for an la carte streaming service when you can record the same content at the push of a single button," the company said.

The comedy service is available through TiVo Central, and part of a bigger TiVo Collections strategy, which offer customers specially curated content. Following seasonal and trending topics, the TiVo editorial staff creates collections of TV shows, movies and Web content to fit those areas.

"The Network Comedy Collections, and TiVo Collections in general, are unique and exciting offerings for television viewers - especially for viewers without cable or satellite service," said Tom Rogers, TiVo CEO. "In a world of on-demand content, it is important that viewers have the ability to both record programmes and access streaming services. Viewers will have to decide what are the most efficient ways to put together the programming menu they really want. With TiVo, recorded programming still plays a vital role in providing viewers the flexibility to access curated programming collections."