Alianza closes illegal AZBox FTA operations

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 09 March 2015

Latin America's anti-piracy association, Alianza Contra la Piratería, has successfully completed an operation against AZBox, a brand of illegal free-to-air (FTA) equipment, thanks to the collaboration of NAGRA, Brazil's Claro and public agencies, leaving over one million Latin Americans without the pirate pay-TV signal.

The announcement was made by Alianza during Colombia's Andina Link summit, in which the organisation revealed its triumphs in the region during 2014.

In addition to the AZBox operation, the most important result for Alianza according to its executive director Marta Ochoa, the association has also completed two successful operations against piracy in Venezuela and Paraguay.

In Venezuela, over 8,800 pieces of FTA equipment were confiscated in 23 shops, leading to the arrests of three people. In Paraguay, Alianza was also behind a raid against a popular pirate distributor with an active profile on the social networks and a solid customer base.

The association also reached an agreement with PayPal in order to follow and close payments to large illegal Internet Keys Sharing (IKS) operators in Latin America such as IKS61, LatinoIKS and CSLogins.

"Alianza keeps raising awareness against piracy in the region and opening new initiatives for the future," said Ochoa. "We are sure in 2015 we will keep growing and reach a point of harmony between industry and consumers".