CABSAT 2015: PerceptionTV, Amino deliver multiscreen cloud OTT platform

DetailsEditor | 10 March 2015

Amino Technologies is partnering with PerceptionTV to demonstrate how hotel operators can deliver an OTT multiscreen experience across mobile, online and TV screens.

Acknowledging what it calls increasingly digitally-savvy guests expecting a personalised entertainment experience, PerceptionTV's cloud-based solution includes live TV viewing, catch-up, video-on-demand and a personal video recorder via multiple screens and Amino's IPTV devices.

"The way people consume TV and movies is changing. Whether it's viewing on a smartphone or at home on the TV, people want it anytime, anywhere, and the hospitality industry needs to adapt its own on resort entertainment services to accommodate these dynamic viewing habits," commented PerceptionTV CEO John Mills. "The industry is presented with new opportunities to enhance its services, both locally and internationally, and meet the demands of the new millennial generation of TV watchers."

Added Amino CEO Donald McGarva: "In the same way as consumers expect multiscreen service delivery at home, increasingly they want to duplicate the same personalised experience when travelling ... resorts and hotels can respond to this challenge and build profitable new services and revenue streams through new kinds of OTT multiscreen delivery."

At the same time, the two companies have published a joint white paper highlighting how their solution can meet the challenges facing hospitality TV service providers in meeting the needs of such connected consumers. It shows how hospitality TV service provision is facing major challenges as hotel guests seek a more personalised anytime, anywhere content experience.