UNIC-Beirut strengthens ties with Arab Woman TV

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 10 March 2015

The UN Information Centre in Beirut (UNIC-Beirut) has renewed its partnership with the Arab Woman TV channel.

Margo El Helou, acting director, UNIC-Beirut, praised Arab Woman TV for advocating gender equality, women's rights and all their relevant causes.

"The partnership, which goes hand in hand with UN goals and messages aimed at empowering women in all domains, entails the production of a number of programmes that will shed light on the potential of Arab women and promote their participation in various political and social aspects of life," said a joint statement from the organisations.

As well as producing new television programmes, the partnership supports existing shows that are already on air in the Middle East. These include: Al Al-Hiwar Al-Iktissadi (Economic Dialogue), presented by Ghada Ballout Zeitoun; Dawa Al Hawa (Medicine on Air), providing medical advice and presented by pharmacist Carol Bassil; and Siyaha Lekol Fousoul (Tourism for All Seasons). In addition, Ladies Tech, which focuses on the digital world, is currently in production.

Arab Woman TV provides an interactive platform to encourage women to engage in politics, business and their communities, and to more effectively pursue their rights, its director Dany Dandan, said. He expressed hope the ongoing collaboration with UNIC-Beirut will "enrich efforts aimed at embracing women and community issues".