ZDF Enterprises, the commercial subsidiary of German public broadcaster ZDF, and Sony Music Entertainment Germany have concluded an agreement for the marketing of music TV and video material.

As part of the agreement, content from ZDF’s archives of various music programmes and shows such as “ZDF Hitparade”, “Disco”, “Wanna bet!?” and all other programmes featuring artists signed to Sony will be jointly commercialised on VOD platforms.

Hamburg-based music and TV marketer Aviator Management will be responsible for managing rights and products.

“After more than six years of successful collaboration on the physical, audio-visual marketing of the big ZDF brands and of countless great performances by national and international stars, we’re delighted to now be able to work together to extend this portfolio to the digital world,” said Clemens Fiedler, senior director catalog concepts in the strategic entertainment division at Sony Music Entertainment Germany.

Sylvia Brucker, vice president ZDFE.entertainment at ZDF Enterprises, added: “With the successful DVD products for ‘Disco’, ‘ZDF Hitparade’ and ‘The best Hits of the Millennium’, we’ve already had a great deal of positive experience together editing music TV gems from ZDF’s archives. Digital processing offers even greater opportunities to bring legendary clips to a multitude of platforms tailored to specific target audiences.”