Fort Wayne Public TV selects BrandMaster for broadcast playout

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 11 March 2015

Pixel Power, which provides broadcast playout solutions with integrated graphics, has received an order for four of its BrandMaster branding switchers from Fort Wayne Public Television.

The installation of BrandMaster is part of the Indiana station's project to complete its conversion from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD) distribution format.

It selected Pixel Power BrandMaster because it combines master control switching and branding functionality in a single integrated system that brands channels without the need for standalone graphics systems. This helps to reduce the amount of equipment, power requirements, and complexity in the new master control room.

BrandMaster offers a variety of hardware and software control options, including a palette of essential graphics functions like logos, clocks, text crawls, multiple tickers, DVE moves and available EAS support. BrandMaster also offers advanced audio handling capabilities for multichannel support, shuffling, voiceover and Dolby-E.