drives social TV advertising success for Apollo Norge

DetailsEditor | 11 March 2015

One of the first firms to embrace the power of social TV, has been revealed as the engine for what has been described as a ground-breaking social TV advertising campaign for travel company Apollo Norge.

apollo norgeOne of Norway's biggest companies in its field, Apollo Norge ran its campaign from the end of January 2015 until the first week of February. The ad spots, which appeared on Norway's entertainment channel TV3 for two weeks, encouraged viewers to submit holiday pictures to Apollo's Facebook page as part of a travel competition. By posting images to Facebook for an opportunity to win a trip to Greece, viewers also had the chance to see their pictures appear in further Apollo Norge TV3 ad spots promoting the Facebook competition itself.

According to recently released figures from Apollo's media agency MEC, the campaign saw nearly a thousand pictures submitted by viewers which helped garner thousands of new followers for Apollo's Facebook page. Approximately 100 of these pictures aired on TV. Ad spots featuring viewers' images were also uploaded to an 'invite only' YouTube channel which could only be accessed by those who had their pictures featured. Subsequently, links to these spots were shared by viewers to their own social media followers and friends over 700 times, increasing the reach of the advert by unprompted peer-to-peer promotion.

The result was that giving viewers the chance to see their own images on national TV greatly helped retain audience attention during ad breaks themselves. MEC has calculated the Apollo ads enjoyed over 1.2 million views during the campaign. In addition 38.2% of the target group, people aged 35-55, viewed the spot on average 2.3 times.

The campaign made use of's STORY platform which is designed to drive increased views, encourage social shares and boost Facebook following via interactive TV advertising. It is also specifically designed for news, entertainment, sports producers and ad agencies tasked with creating social elements for on-air events, and allows content producers and agencies to gather, manage and insert social content into programming and advertising by aggregating user-generated and geo-located content from all major social media sites.

The campaign also reflects Apollo's new strategy of customer involvement. It wants to involve its travellers in an entirely new way and this social activity is a manifestation of the new strategic direction. There was no better way for Apollo to involve its followers than to let them have the opportunity to participate in their TV spots, the company said.

"A brand like Apollo Norge running a photo competition to help boost Facebook engagement is not unusual, but utilising the same social content in a prime time TV advert in this way can clearly transform the relationship between advertiser and viewer," commented CEO Scott Davies. "It's great that TV3 has now carried the country's first interactive social advert on behalf of Apollo Norge via's STORY platform. I'm confident that Apollo's success means many more will follow."

Added MEC's client service director Glenn Engebretsen: "Through a product like STORY agencies like MEC can help create a virtuous circle for clients such as Apollo. Audience social interaction drives the advertising creative and this in turn extends the reach and retention of viewers via YouTube shares and real time viewing of the ad during commercial breaks."