CABSAT 2015: YahLive leads drive to connect with communities

DetailsEditor | 11 March 2015

The phrase 'think globally, act locally' has never seemed more appropriate than in the MENA satellite industry, a topic shown clearly in a key panel session at CABSAT 2015.

Chaired by Yahlive CEO Sami Boustany, the panel investigated whether, as the over-the-top content market matures, the industry is ignoring the fact that there are still communities who are vastly underserved, and looked at how satellite operators, broadcasters and Internet service providers should reach these so-called green communities.

The backdrop of the debate was recently released YahLive research conducted by IPSOS showing that the company was reaching more than 25 million Farsi speakers. Of this key niche, the research showed that three-quarters are educated at least as far as secondary level and a quarter went on to obtain university degrees. There were a number of key disparities in the niche between content choices.

"'The survey shows how discerning viewers have become and how important it is to provide them with quality content, said Boustany. "Connecting with communities is the backbone of our business so the speed with which we have reached so many viewers in a single community endorses our strategy of presenting a tailored menu of premium channels to connect with them."

This opinion was shared among the panel delegates who represented a number of satellite and operators including MBC, Yahsat, MOBY, SES, North Telecom and SSHC. Each of the delegates had similar niche audiences with local language concerns in the MENA region whom they had to address specifically. Reflecting concerns made during the first day of CABSAT by operators looking to exploit opportunities in TV everywhere, the panel all felt that only satellite could deliver to such audiences at the economies of scale and cost-efficiency required.