Cable Europe favours the principles of an open internet, but only in a way that still makes innovation possible, according to Matthias Kurth, its executive chairman.

Speaking in a press conference on the opening day of Cable Congress 2015, he added that new services will in the future need special treatment, otherwise they won’t function.

Kurth also said that Cable Europe wants to see principles embedded but not prescriptive. Ultimately, it hopes Europe is “more rational and flexible than the US”.

Commenting on copyright, Kurth said that accessing content on different devices and in different countries within a single market is an issue that Cable Congress is closely following. Although it is not asking for new regulation, there is a necessity to come together and find common rules for the future.
Kurth also spoke about the need for a level playing field with OTT players.

Furthermore, he spoke about the importance of investment for sound projects.

Subsidies were only needed in exceptional circumstances.