Mobile, tablets take up more than a third of all online viewing

DetailsEditor | 12 March 2015

It's increasingly a portable world for video says the latest Ooyala Global Video Index which has revealed that online video viewing on mobile and tablets achieved record growth in Q4 2014.

The Q4 2014 Global Video Index Report, survey showed that such devices amounted to just over a third (34%) of all online video views, around double the number of plays a year earlier, more than five times the number of plays in 2012 and 16 times the number of mobile and tablet plays since Ooyala's first iteration of the report. Moreover the Q4 figure also represents the 13th consecutive report that mobile and tablet viewership has surmounted the previous quarter's record.

For the first time the report includes data from Videoplaza, whom Ooyala recently acquired and was responsible for showing that in December 2014 alone, 35% of all online ad impressions for European publishers came from mobile devices, more than doubling the share of tablets at 14% and within reach of desktops at 51%. Broadcasters saw 12% of their ad impressions come from both mobile and tablets, with PCs taking the majority share amount at 76%.

There was a clear rationale for this trend, Ooyala suggests: content. It notes that publishers' content can run the spectrum of short to long-form video, conducive to mobile and tablet consumption while broadcasters primarily deliver long-form content.

Next to desktops, mobile saw the highest percentage of video ad impressions compared with all other devices. Given the increase of mobile ad impressions, the report highlighted commensurate opportunities for content providers to increase ad loads across devices, particularly as mobile and tablets increasingly become the go-to devices for long-form content, content longer than ten minutes in length.

The report also showed that in Q4 2014, tablet viewers had the highest engagement of any other device, spending 70% of their time with long-form content. Mobile viewers are splitting their time nearly evenly between short-form and long-form content, 54% and 46% respectively.

Ooyala has observed the growth of long-form consumption on smaller screens as a constant over the last three years and advises that content providers should consider increasing mid-roll ad placements across all of their content as viewers demonstrate stronger engagement on these devices.

"This trend is indicative of the huge opportunity broadcasters and publishers now have to personalise experiences for mobile-minded audiences, including both content watched and ads delivered," commented Jay Fulcher, chief executive officer of Ooyala. "As phone screens continue to grow and data and pricing plan strategies are optimised to encourage better on-the-go video experiences, companies with strong mobile-first strategies will be the best positioned to maximise their reach and their revenues."