Limelight claims content delivery ecosystem change

DetailsEditor | 12 March 2015

Content delivery network (CDN) Limelight Networks has made what it calls the most comprehensive new release in its history, Orchestrate V3.0.

Purpose-built for the delivery of digital content, the new solution is claimed to offer improvements to virtually all aspects of Limelight's customer experience, with a new set of services focused on security as well as storage, mobile device support, purge and self-service.

The Orchestrate V3.0 platform is said to support faster content delivery and the need to deliver content across all devices and geographies, while protecting publishers from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and ensuring they deliver an excellent experience for their customers. All of these, says Limelight will enable users to better deliver rich digital content rapidly, reliably, securely, and with high QoE to global audiences anywhere, on any device.

"An exponential increase in the delivery of digital content is straining the capabilities of the Internet, and today's consumers are becoming increasingly impatient with poor quality of experience in accessing this rich content," stated Limelight CEO, Robert Lento.

"Content owners are struggling with the challenge of providing high quality digital experiences in the face of distributed denial of service attacks, network logjams, mobile device proliferation, and the increasing size of both content files and content libraries. Working with customers and partners, today we introduce market leading enhancements that simplify management, improve performance, and increase efficiency across Limelight's solution offerings."