Quintuple-play services, which combine pay-TV with fixed and mobile telephony, along with fixed and mobile broadband, are growing in popularity in Spain.

Data produced by the regulator CNMC shows that the number of subscribers receiving such services at the end of Q3 2014 stood at 1,898,477, or 419,219 more than three months earlier.

By contrast, the number of subscribers opting for only pay-TV or triple play fell by 318,350 and 56,813 respectively over the same period, while the number of double play (pay-TV plus one other service) only increased by a modest 13,558.

The total number of pay-TV subscribers in Spain at the end of Q3 2014 stood at 4.76 million, or 399,000 more than a year earlier.

IPTV accounted for the most (1.666 million) and also showed the biggest growth, up from 673,000 a year earlier.

DTH was in second place (1.580 million v 1.634 million), followed by cable (1.131 million v 1.176 million) and pay-DTT (238,000 v 235,000), with other services claiming 143,000 subscribers (141,000 a year earlier).