Telekom Austria has entered into a strategic agreement with SPI International/Filmbox International that allows the Vienna-based company to launch FilmBox thematic channels in the markets the operator is active in.

With its direct2home platform, Telekom Austria Group will also act as technical distribution and contribution provider for the FilmBox channels’ Balkan CEE feeds over the Eutelsat 16A satellite.

The agreement allows almost 250,000 customers in the region to watch various FilmBox channels.

The channels were firstly launched in Bulgaria by Mobiltel, followed by Blizoo in the Macedonia.

In the first half of 2015, Telekom Austria Group also plans to introduce the channels in at least two other markets in the first half of this year.

Commenting on the development, Stefan Amon, director wholesale Telekom Austria Group, said: “With Telekom Austria Group´s direct2home broadcast services we proudly bring FilmBox channels not only to pay-TV operators across the group´s footprint but also offer those channels to other DTH operators via Eutelsat 16A. This cooperation allows us to deliver premium content to both our footprint and to an extended CEE area.”

Berk Uziyel, executive director of FilmBox International, added: “Telekom Austria Group and SPI are two companies eying continuous expansion in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a great opportunity to form a strategic alliance with this important player in the industry.”