RR Media turns up New York, London playout centres

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 13 March 2015

RR Media has turned up two additional playout facilities based in the New York Metro area and London from which the company is running dozens of channels.

The US playout facility has been online since November 2014, with the UK facility online since February. RR Media fully originates and manages over 150 channels across its global media centres.

With a managed service model, RR Media handles all technical and operational aspects of content preparation, management and playout across different regions and time zones. All channels played out from the additional facilities are fully backed up from RR Media's main global media centre.

These playout facilities as well as RR Media's content preparation and management capabilities are all part of a global media services platform based on virtualised infrastructure and IP networking capability that delivers global, scalable media solutions, accessible from anywhere in the world. RR Media's scalable, virtualised capability allows it to establish new playout facilities anywhere in the world with short lead times based on any broadcaster's business needs.

"It's quite an accomplishment to have two additional playout facilities online in such a short time," Elad Manishviz, RR Media's CMO. "It means that our presence is closer to key markets in the US and Europe are further enhanced and provides customers a local point of presence. These two facilities are just one step in the further creation of a managed service model with virtualised, cloud based facilities and infrastructure that are scalable in order to be established anywhere in the world based on any given customer's needs."