Hello there, I have the following local card with good ecm times on a stable server:

JSTV conax 0b00 13 east 2 channels broadcasting on hotbird very rare card

If you are interested in my local card and have either a viasat 093e local card or a 1880 digi tv local card (only for Slovakia or Croatia regions) ,and your local has good ecm times, please contact me, please dont contact me if you dont have one of the above local cards.

-------------------Please Note---------------------
- No local = no share.

- I give one reshare on my local cards i need the same.

- my local card(s) dont freeze and have good ecm times, i would like the same in return please, if your local card(s) freeze or have high ecm times sorry but i wont be interested

- No pay servers

- i need an valid email address for all peers, no valid email address sorry no share