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Thread: Echolink "do-it-yourself" help

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    Echolink "do-it-yourself" help

    I noticed that other people like myself want to update the keys on the echolink reciever rather than wait for a bin file which does not last very long to appear on a forum. To help me, will also help lots of others.
    If anyone can help then I will create how to docs for the software to enable newbies and others to keep their keys up to date.
    I need a simple program to convert softcam.key to echolink.bin file? If this is not available then a program which can edit/create echolink.bin key files.
    There must be software somewhere because someone is making the .bin files.
    I have searched many forums and google but can't find any. Please help.

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    Re: Echolink "do-it-yourself" help

    If the echolink is a clone of the FTE MAX series why don't you take simply the firm with keys up to date on ?
    Here is a keyeditor to modify .BIN, in order to keep the keys up to date .
    this is for FTE MAX S100 and then , for echolink 700 series I think .
    And if you want these keys you can get it with keycapturator.

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