Canal Sony, AXN grow across key LATAM markets

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 17 March 2015

Although Sony Pictures' channels Canal Sony and AXN target a general audience, both networks have found a gold mine in young adults up to 34 - who have high purchasing power in Latin America - thus strengthening their positions in key markets such as Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.

sonypiclogoAfter closing 2014 among the fastest growers in the region (almost doubling audience figures), the trend has continued in the first months of 2015, with February seeing Canal Sony grow by 100% in Colombia, 97% in Mexico and 78% in Argentina year-on-year.

The channel, which has been deploying a new line-up since mid-2014, has already seen great growth in Argentina with peaks such as those it experienced in October, when the network's audience grew by 400% among young viewers.

During the same month, AXN, an already well established signal, rocketed 110% in Mexico and grew by 60% in Argentina among young adults, regardless of socio-economic segment.

"The steady growth of Canal Sony and AXN audiences, especially regarding young adults with high purchasing power, has been powered by our solid content offer and our increasing presence in video-on-demand (VOD) platforms and social networks," commented Nathalie Lubensky, senior VP at Sony Pictures Television Networks Latin America.