Apple in talks with broadcasters for online TV launch

DetailsEditor | 17 March 2015

Days after reinvigorating its flagship online video device's capability in a deal with HBO, Apple is now reported to be reaching out to content owners for a major online TV launch in the autumn.

Respected financial outlets the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times have both revealed that the CE giant, whose former CEO Steve Jobs once described online TV as a hobby, is now taking the TV industry very seriously.

The WSJ reports that the prospective new service will cost between $30-$40 per month at launch, offering content from a number of broadcasters including ABC, CBS and Fox, and running on the iPhone, iPad and an upgraded version of the Apple TV box.

Coinciding with its HBO announcement, Apple cut the price of the Apple TV online video device from $90 to $60 and it already offers access to content from Netflix, YouTube, CNBC and Sky.

Analysts believe that a final content line-up will be announced in June 2015 in time for a September 2015 launch. One key stumbling block noted already by the analyst community is a potential failure to secure content deals with NBCUniversal.