Euronews and Inter Media Group have entered into a cooperation agreement aimed at developing and reinforcing the Ukrainian version of the channel.

The agreement, which includes technical and content exchange, was approved by the Euronews Supervisory Board in Paris.

It was officially signed at the beginning of this month and makes he Inter Media Group an exclusive strategic partner of Euronews in Ukraine.

Under it, the Ukrainian Euronews team will be based in Lyon and Kiev.

It will produce a 24/7 Ukrainian version of Euronews, broadcast worldwide, as well as expanded content aimed at the Ukrainian market.

The partnership has been implemented with immediate effect and will be built up gradually.

Commenting on the development, Anna Bezliudna, head of Inter Media Group, said: “For us the partnership with Euronews is very promising, especially in light of the current social and political situation. It is extremely important to make concrete steps which will help form a real picture of the European way of living, enabling our citizens to obtain timely information from Europe in their own language.”

Michael Peters, Euronews CEO, added: “We are very excited to partner with the number one media group in Ukraine. There is a double benefit as this partnership will strengthen the presence and visibility of Euronews in Ukraine, but also the presence and visibility of Ukraine in the rest of the world”.