ABC News is now available as a streaming channel on Roku players and Roku TV models, the first ABC News streaming channel on smart TVs. ABC News is now also available internationally on Apple TV.

Roku users now have ABC News live video and on demand content, local news from several major markets and a wide range of historical video footage from ABC News’ archives. During breaking news and special events, Roku customers will have immediate access to multiple content streams, live 24/7.

“The demand for video is growing tremendously and through all of your digital efforts we’ve been able to serve even more video content than ever before,” wrote ABC News VP of Digital Colby Smith on his blog.

“Roku is a leading streaming platform, with more than 10 million players sold across the US, and we’re thrilled to have ABC News live on the Roku platform today.

ABC also extended the ABC News app for Apple TV to international audiences, making it available in over 100 countries across the world.