Awareness of Ultra HD is higher among German viewers than those in other large West European markets.

In a presentation at the SES-reach Year End 2014 presentation in London, it was revealed that 44% of all German TV homes had heard about Ultra HD, while only 1% actually owned an Ultra HD screen.

Meanwhile, in France the corresponding figures were 34% and 3%, while in Spain the totals were 26% and 3% respectively. In the UK, 39% had heard of Ultra HD and 4% owned Ultra HD screens.

As of the end of 2014, 37,000 TV channels were broadcast by satellite worldwide, 17% of them on SES satellites.

Over 7,500 channels of these channels were in HD, with one in four (25%) on SES satellites.

Seventy one per cent of European satellite households were served by SES, as were 60% of TV households.

Satellite remained the leading mode of TV delivery in Europe at 35%, compared to terrestrial and cable (27% each) and IPTV (11%).

In the case of SES, it reached 154 million homes in Europe, 84 million in North America, 44 million in Asia-Pacific, 24 million in Latin America and 7 million in Africa.

Its global reach was 312 million households, of which 312 million were satellite, 149+ million cable and 38 million+ IPTV.

SES satellites broadcast over 4,600 SD and 1,800 HD channels.