Imagine unveils CloudXtream video platform

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 18 March 2015

Imagine Communications has debuted CloudXtream, a cloud-enabled platform for the distribution of live video and video-on-demand (VOD).

The solution offers support for cloud DVR (cDVR), dynamic ad insertion (DAI), packaging, encoding, transcoding, storage management and cloud orchestration.

"Our industry is experiencing once-in-a-generation change and is at a powerful inflection point where vision and innovation are intersecting with reality," explained Charlie Vogt, CEO at Imagine Communications. "The control of content, device and timing is increasingly being defined by the end user. Our cloud video platform, CloudXtream, is designed for media networks, broadcasters and service providers to enable a better, faster and more affordable experience for consumers. CloudXtream is a modular platform design, enabling our customers to abstract value by deploying some, part or all of its functional capability."

The initial components of the modular CloudXtream platform include CloudXtream cDVR and CloudXtream Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI).

The former integrates linear and VOD viewing, with cloud-based content readily accessible from any location and on any device. The wide variety of options like rewinding, restarting and replaying scenes, allows consumers to time-shift.

For broadcasters, CloudXtream cDVR enables the creation of incremental paid service offerings to their subscription-based OTT businesses, as well as enabling user-centric personalisation and management of content. Subscribers can be offered new, revenue-generating services such as increased storage and enhanced time-shift options, an unlimited look-back window, start-pause-stop of both linear and VOD content, and concurrent recording of simultaneous programmes.

Meanwhile, monetisation of video content remains one of the biggest challenges for video service providers, which are often unable to capture the maximum value of advertising avails across linear, online/OTT and cDVR offerings. Ads can go stale quickly, are replayed repetitively, or have little or no relevance to the viewing audience. The CloudXtream DAI solution is aimed at overcoming these challenges.

"The value of an advertisement can be reduced or discounted altogether when it is stale, not the optimal ad for a particular avail, or the ad is not relevant to the viewer," said Sarah Foss, vice president of product management for advertising management systems at Imagine. "The advertising ecosystem works best when viewers and advertisers see the value of relevant ads, which increases monetisation opportunities for VSPs."