CBS debuts data-driven advertising platform

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 18 March 2015

CBS has introduced a data-driven approach for analysing and buying time on broadcast television, dubbed Campaign Performance Audit, or CPA.

It offers performance-based metrics to maximise advertisers' network television spend. CBS has been testing the approach with select advertisers since last autumn.

Advertisers gain access to CBS's research facility, Television City, where they can test the effectiveness of messages. And, CPA employs a full complement of Nielsen analytics, including Nielsen Catalina Solutions, Nielsen Buyer Insights, Nielsen MotorStats, Nielsen MRI Fusion, Nielsen Brand Effects and Nielsen Cambridge Media Demand Landscape.

"Research shows that network television is the most powerful medium in building both brand awareness and equity for marketers," said David Poltrack, chief research officer at CBS. "With CPA, we are offering clients a new way to analyse Nielsen's performance-based data to achieve ideal reach, frequency, targeting and placement for clients looking to craft a campaign that delivers the optimal return on their television advertising investment."