Skylink and its sister service CS Link had a total of 1.96 million active cards as of the end of February, according to Jaromir Glisnik, member of the board at M7 Group.

Quoted by Digizone, he added that of these, 1.25 million were in the Czech Republic, with the remainder in Slovakia.

Most of these cards offered basic “free” programming, with customers only required to pay a so-called service fee. However, next month this fee will increase from CZK33 (€1.28) to CZK55 a month.

Glisnik said that the rise was due to the higher cost of running the service.

He also pointed to the fact that the broadcasters Nova and Prima are asking cable, DTH and IPTV operators fees to distribute their channels.

Although he also conceded that Skylink and CS Link would lose customers following the price rise, it would be in the order of several percent rather than a big exodus.