NGSN taps Aventus for multiscreen live football streaming service

DetailsEditor | 18 March 2015

Next Generation Sports Network (NGSN) has turned to iStreamPlanet for technology to support its new live, multiscreen football streaming service.

NGSN service to stream lives over 3,000 soccer matches taking place in Europe, Asia and South America to US audiences.

The live streams will be available initially on iOS and Android mobile devices, Chromecast and Apple TV. NGSN will eventually deliver the streams to nearly all connected devices including native apps for Windows Phone, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices.

NGSNUS fans can sign up for the free 90 day beta at and catch up-coming matches from leagues in Chile, Russia, Ecuador, Venezuela, the Netherlands and Portugal. Following the US launch, NGSN plans to rapidly expand the service to Canada, and Asian markets including China, South Korea and Japan.

To launch the new service and rapidly grow in terms of on-boarding new live content, adding new targeted devices, and expanding into new markets, NGSN chose Aventus iStreamPlanet's Aventus SaaS solution for cloud-based live encoding and multiscreen packaging.

Using the Aventus SaaS meant NGSN was able to go from concept to launch in just nine months, explained founder and CEO Harry Van Streun. "Choosing a cloud-based solution like Aventus was very important to meet NGSN's technology and business goals. Aventus significantly reduces our upfront costs and enables our team to rapidly expand the breadth of content available to our viewers. We could never achieve this level of price to scale with a traditional on-premises solution."

"iStreamPlanet is committed to helping new over the top (OTT) providers like NGSN get to market faster and keep pace with rapidly changing technology as they expand their services to incorporate new content, new audiences and new business models," added iStreamPlanet vice president of marketing Jennifer Baisch.