Eutelsat Communications has created a new division in the UK that will drive its strategy for serving providers of end-to-end government services, NGOs and institutional agencies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Eutelsat Government EMEA will be located at Harwell, near Oxford, in security-cleared facilities at the heart of an emerging community of space-based companies and agencies that include ECSAT, ESA’s new facility for space applications and telecommunications, and the Satellite Applications Catapult (formerly the International Space Innovation Centre).

The division will be headed by Matt Child, former CEO of Solaris Mobile, who joined Eutelsat in 2014 to contribute to structuring Eutelsat’s long-term vision on government-related business including satellite bandwidth leases, shared satellites and hosted payloads.

Eutelsat Government EMEA builds upon Eutelsat’s longstanding experience of serving government markets that accelerated in 2001 with the creation of Eutelsat Inc. in Washington DC. This was followed in 2006 by the establishment of Eutelsat America Corp. (EAC) which specialises in working with companies providing services worldwide to US government departments as well as commercial customers.

Eutelsat Government EMEA will complement Eutelsat America Corp’s efforts through marketing of satellite capacity to government service providers and providers of disaster recovery and humanitarian communications in the EMEA region. It will leverage Eutelsat’s portfolio of C, Ku and Ka-band satellites that provide global coverage and are available from small circuits to multiple transponders.

Eutelsat Government EMEA will in addition leverage Eutelsat’s experience on joint satellite programmes and hosted payloads (that include the Raytheon payload for the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on the EUTELSAT 117 West B satellite and EDRS – European Data Relay Payload – for ESA on EUTELSAT 9B).

It will also market the Eutelsat Quantum satellite in the EMEA region. To be launched in 2018, Eutelsat Quantum’s highly flexible design in terms of coverages, power and frequency bands, as well as its very high resilience, will be ideally suited to government requirements.

Michel de Rosen, Eutelsat’s Chairman and CEO, commented: “Our objective with this new division is to complement the strong government-based business driven by Eutelsat America Corp. by providing vision, support and expertise to the many ways we can support companies in the EMEA region serving governments and institutional agencies.”