Costa Rica preps new TV law

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 19 March 2015

Aiming to sort out the use of the radio-electric frequencies and the system of taxes and canons for TV and radio, Costa Rica's Ministry for Science, Technology and Telecoms has announced it will write a new law for the sector, aiming to have it ready for July.

According to the Ministry, the main goal is to adapt the country's telecoms regulations to the current technical and social circumstances, and to this end various workshops and meetings with the industry have been arranged.

"The process to build a new law should be transparent and efficient, which is why we have been trying to find common interests within the sector," explained minister Gisella Kopper.

TV and radio operators will present their own proposals in a single document during the first week of April. Then, the Government will write up the law before June, when it will be sent to the parliament and voted on in July.

"We're very interested in getting to know the position of the industry, we will wait for their ideas to include them in the final document," added Kopper.

Some of the main operators have initially disagreed with the project, as they don't consider it necessary to modify the current regulation.

The initial document, which has 21 points, covers areas such as free competition protection by limiting the number of licences, universality of TV and radio service, media plurality, distribution of broadcasting canons, and the use of the radio-electric spectrum.

The law project is also available on the Ministry's site and is open to everybody who wants to make a suggestion.