EVS powers live production for Mediapro LATAM F1 network

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 19 March 2015

Provider of live production systems EVS is supporting Mediapro's Formula One channel for Latin America, which has been airing since the beginning of March and has just broadcast the first race of the season.

evsformula1Ready to provide 24 hours of content, 11 EVS XT series production servers receive up to seven feeds directly from Formula One Management (FOM), including the main transmission, redundant and personalised signals, on-board camera feeds and information about the circuit. Files are ingested directly into an EVS XStore storage unit after being logged and enriched with metadata.

The EVS-equipped studios are able to instantly work on content as soon as it's transferred to the shared storage unit, while the Xedio CleanEdit software enables edits with multiple resolutions.

The workflow enhancement is completed with new XTAccess units, which simplify the exchange of video between units, guaranteeing high levels of integration.

"The flexibility and scalability of the EVS platform has enabled us to easily integrate with a new automated channel playout system," said Xavier Verd, CTO at Unitecnic, technical services company of Mediapro, and project director for F1 Latin America. "We're able to increase the production efficiency in a very quick and timely fashion and as a result, successfully launched the channel on time."

The channel is broadcast through Latin America by some of the largest pay-TV operators, having been added by DIRECTV in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela, and Sky and Izzi in Mexico.