Today I am presenting to you my user friendly FTP Browser(Dreambox) coded by me from scratch .

A philosopher called Volter has said: "The intelligence of a person it looks from the way they are making questions."

I hope you beta test it and send me some feedback(or questions:P)

I will list two important reasons why you have to use this.

First.My program it's more faster in upload and download than Filezilla(yeah, believe it)
Second.Less buttons are needed to be clicked for example to read files!In my program you can read a file only by double clicking on desidered file and will be opened for editing on the right side of the program(not in a new window)

Other options are present but I will post some photos and mabye a video to see it in live action.

More will be added.I want only suggestions!

Some pics

Video Link

Download Link