Just weeks after agreeing to pay £4.2 billion to maintain coverage of the Premier League, Sky is to bring in an early price increase.

The raise, which will increase prices by an average of £2.50 per month, will be brought in from June. The last increase in subscription prices for the UK operatorís 11 million subscribers took place in September 2014.

While the move is being attributed to the demands of the Premier League it is the Family bundle that is taking the brunt of the increase; an additional £3 taking the monthly cost to £36. Football fans will pay an additional £1 per month with the cost of the Sports bundle rising to £47 per month.

Sky may have retained the Premier League, but fans will notice the loss of Champions League football from the start of the 2015/16 season. BT Sport has secured exclusive rights with ITV losing its free-to-air match.

However, some customers may escape an immediate rise. Depending on the amount of time their contract runs for, Sky is prevented from bringing in more than one increase over a 12-month period.