Latest Transponder Update 21.03.2015

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2015-03-21 09:46


Most recent updates
Nisa TV Trksat 4A (42E) - D-Smart: Nisa TV has left 12034.36MHz, pol.V (DVB-S SID:1339 PID:139/239 Turkish), it is no longer transmitted by satellite in Europe. (09h46)
Trksat 4A (42E) - D-Smart: New frequency for Gala: 12034.36MHz, pol.V (DVB-S SR:27500 FEC:5/6 SID:1339 PID:139/239 Turkish- Clear). (09h46)
Eutelsat 16A (16E) - Hayat HD is testing in DVB-S2 Clear on 11304.00MHz, pol.H SR:30000 FEC:2/3 SID:2 PID:65[MPEG-4] /67 Bosnian. (08h29)
Hispasat 1E (30W) - Radio Poniente has left 12092.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S SID:62 APID:5163) (21h56)
Hispasat 1E (30W) - RADIO HIT has left 12092.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S SID:58 APID:5159 Spanish) (21h56)
Hispasat 1E (30W) - ROCK FM has left 12092.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S SID:52 APID:5121 Spanish) (21h56)
Hispasat 1E (30W) - MegaStar has left 12092.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S SID:39 APID:391) (21h56)
Hispasat 1E (30W) - INTERECONOMIA has left 12092.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S SID:38 APID:381 Spanish) (21h56)
Hispasat 1E (30W) - COPE has left 12092.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S SID:37 APID:371 Spanish) (21h56)
Hispasat 1E (30W) - Cadena 100 has left 12092.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S SID:10 APID:32) (21h56)

Newly added TV channels
Hayat HD Hayat HD (Bosnia and Herzegovina, General): Eutelsat 16A (2015-03-21)
Xpress Shop (undefined, Teleshopping): Nilesat 201 (2015-03-20)
Electron TV (Chad, General): Eutelsat 5 West A (2015-03-20)
Al Ahed 2 (undefined, Various): Eutelsat 7 West A (2015-03-20)
El Saniora TV (undefined, Various): Eutelsat 7 West A (2015-03-20)
Discovery Channel Turkey (Turkey, Documentaries): Astra 4A (2015-03-20)
Discovery Turbo Xtra Poland (Poland, Documentaries): Astra 4A (2015-03-20)
TV 5 Monde Style HD (France, General): Badr 6 (2015-03-19)
ECAM (United Kingdom, Various): Astra 2E (2015-03-19)
Plus Life TV (Turkey, Various): Trksat 4A (2015-03-18)
D8 HD (France, General): Astra 1M (2015-03-18)
Live shopping (Bulgaria, Teleshopping): Intelsat 12 (IS-12) (2015-03-18)
MCTV EU (Turkey, General): Turksat 3A (2015-03-18)
Shaber HD (Turkey, Various): Turksat 3A (2015-03-18)
El Mada (undefined, Various): Nilesat 201 (2015-03-15)

New frequencies / SR / FEC / Standard changes

New frequency: Eutelsat 7A (7E), 11000.00MHz pol.H, DVB-S2 8PSK, SR:9875, FEC:3/4 (2015-03-21)
New frequency: Astra 4A (4.8E), 12360.00MHz pol.V, DVB-S2 8PSK, SR:27500, FEC:5/6 (2015-03-20)
New FEC: Badr 5 (26E), 12265.00MHz pol.H, DVB-S2 8PSK, SR:27500, FEC:3/4 (2015-03-19)
New frequency: Eutelsat 7A (7E), 11171.00MHz pol.H, DVB-S2 8PSK, SR:7200, FEC:2/3 (2015-03-19)
New frequency: Badr 4 (26E), 12558.00MHz pol.H, DVB-S QPSK, SR:2850, FEC:3/4 (2015-03-13)
New frequency: Amos 2 (4W), 10934.00MHz pol.H, DVB-S QPSK, SR:13750, FEC:5/6 (2015-03-13)
New frequency: Astra 2F (28.2E), 11585.00MHz pol.H, DVB-S QPSK, SR:22000, FEC:5/6 (2015-03-12)
New FEC: Astra 1N (19.2E), 12246.00MHz pol.V, DVB-S2 QPSK, SR:29700, FEC:5/6 (2015-03-11)
New frequency: Telstar 12 (15W), 11076.00MHz pol.H, DVB-S2 8PSK, SR:45000, FEC:3/4 (2015-03-10)
Switched satellite: Nilesat 201 (7W), 12284.00MHz pol.V, DVB-S QPSK, SR:27500, FEC:3/4 (2015-03-05)

Latest TV channels gone temporarily FTA
Unian TV Amos 2 (4W) - Unian TV is now transmitted Free To Air (10722.00MHz, pol.H SR:27500 FEC:3/4 SID:1 PID:1281/1282 Ukrainian). (2015-03-16 22h10)
Telstar 12 (15W) - ETTV News America is now transmitted Free To Air (12608.00MHz, pol.H SR:19279 FEC:2/3 SID:1 PID:4194[MPEG-4]/4195 aac Chinese). (2015-03-10 23h06)
Eutelsat 7A (7E) - Digitrk: TRT Haber is now transmitted Free To Air (10762.00MHz, pol.V SR:30000 FEC:3/4 SID:8508 PID:2507/3570 Turkish). (2015-03-08 11h18)
Eutelsat 28A (28.2E) - Sky Digital: TV5 Monde Europe is now transmitted Free To Air (11426.00MHz, pol.V SR:27500 FEC:2/3 SID:52575 PID:2422/2423 French). (2015-02-28 08h43)
Astra 4A (4.8E) - Business TV (Ukraine) is now transmitted Free To Air (12341.00MHz, pol.H SR:30000 FEC:3/4 SID:38 PID:3801[MPEG-4]/3802 Ukrainian). (2015-01-01 10h28)
Astra 4A (4.8E) - NLO TV is now transmitted Free To Air (12341.00MHz, pol.H SR:30000 FEC:3/4 SID:34 PID:3401[MPEG-4]/3402 Ukrainian). (2015-01-01 10h28)
Astra 4A (4.8E) - Pixel is now transmitted Free To Air (12341.00MHz, pol.H SR:30000 FEC:3/4 SID:32 PID:3201[MPEG-4]/3202 Ukrainian). (2015-01-01 10h28)
Astra 4A (4.8E) - XSport is now transmitted Free To Air (12341.00MHz, pol.H SR:30000 FEC:3/4 SID:33 PID:3301[MPEG-4]/3302 Ukrainian). (2015-01-01 10h28)
Astra 4A (4.8E) - Dobro TV is now transmitted Free To Air (12341.00MHz, pol.H SR:30000 FEC:3/4 SID:36 PID:3601[MPEG-4]/3602 Ukrainian). (2015-01-01 10h28)
Astra 4A (4.8E) - Enter is now transmitted Free To Air (12188.00MHz, pol.H SR:30000 FEC:3/4 SID:18 PID:1801[MPEG-4]/1802 Ukrainian). (2015-01-01 10h28)