Cisco releases StadiumVision 4.0 with integrated sports ads

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 22 March 2015

Cisco has released StadiumVision 4.0, a HD IPTV solution for sports and entertainment venues.

Allianz Stadium and Etihad Stadium in Australia are the first to implement the centrally-managed solution, which delivers customised content via the Cisco Connected Stadium network.

The latest version of the platform integrates targeted advertising with the content. Cisco is making use of StadiumVision's new HTML5 runtime on the SV-4K digital media player, allowing for the simultaneous display of two HD video sources and synchronisation between screens.

The platform supports scrolling tickers and scores, while also supporting Luma-Key effects, which allow advertisements on the edges of the screen to blend with the game. In addition, screens throughout the venue are now capable of having a video background layer, dynamic text and rotating animated logos, all of which create revenue opportunities for the venue and teams through targeted advertising, sponsorship activations, promotions and branding.

At Etihad Stadium, there are 1,600 screens powered by StadiumVision, which provide opportunities for Etihad Stadium's tenant clubs across three different sporting codes to digitally incorporate match day themes.

"We believe it will be a game-changer, taking fan engagement and match day digital theming to new levels,” said Paul Sergeant, CEO at Etiihad. “In terms of match day engagement, the partners involved in the project are limited only by their imagination.”

He added, “Some of our key people made a number of fact-finding missions to the US and felt that venues in Australia were losing ground. As we know communications have moved at a head-spinning rate in the past decade and sports and entertainment venues, like all sectors of community, need to keep pace.”