Empower adds local programmatic ad buys for Scripps

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 22 March 2015

Independent media agency Empower MediaMarketing has laid the groundwork to transact programmatically with local broadcast television stations, with a partnership with the EW Scripps Co.

In the second quarter of 2015, Empower and Savveo will execute local broadcast programmatic media with Scripps-owned TV stations.

Itís using its investment in a technology partner, Savveo, to facilitate the functionality. Savveo, a tech startup, focuses on the automation of buying and selling local media. Via an integration, Empower will extend its digital programmatic buying solution, ClearTrade, to include programmatic solutions for local television.

"We are building within a burgeoning ecosystem and collaborating with companies who see this industry shift as a part of their future to the table," said Shafi Mustafa, co-founder and CEO of Savveo. "The shift to programmatic for traditional media is inevitable."

Empower will continue programmatic tests throughout the summer, and is building a data management platform that will enable buys to be purchased with audience level data.

"We're developing this capability alongside the tech community and the supply side so that all parties can benefit," Empower CEO Jim Price said. "And while some programmatic TV spots have made headlines, to my knowledge no other ad buying agency is doing this at the local television level."