NFL votes to suspend TV blackout policy

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 24 March 2015

The NFL has voted to suspend the TV blackout policy that has been in place since the 1970s.

Starting with the upcoming 2015 season, local games will be shown in-market, regardless of whether or not the game is sold out at the stadium.

The policy harkens back to a time when the league relied on stadium sales for the majority of its revenue. Now, in the era of multimillion-dollar advertising spots and digital distribution, it's not as important of a factor — plus, the prices for tickets for games are often prohibitive for average fans.

The league's 32 owners voted on the decision Monday morning during the annual owners' meetings in Phoenix. League spokesman Greg Aiello sent a tweet with the news: "NFL clubs have approved suspension of local blackout policy for 2015 pre- and regular seasons. There were 0 BOs last reg-season."

There were no blackouts during the 2014 season; the 2013 season saw two.