Globo boosts Portugal's SIC ratings

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 24 March 2015

Globo's new production The Hunter premiered on Portugal's SIC on Saturday (21 March) and is reported to have increased the private free-to-air (FTA) network time slot ratings by 55%.

thehunterThe series, starring Cauă Reymond (Brazil Avenue) in the lead role, was chosen by SIC, one of the most watched FTA channels in Portugal together with TVI, to inaugurate a new fiction section dedicated to Portuguese-language series at the end of Saturday prime time.

The Hunter, one of the highlights of Globo's portfolio at MIPTV, aired just before midnight and was among SIC's ten most watched programmes of the day. The Portuguese broadcaster has also licensed the miniseries Merciless, Doomed and Siren's Song.

In the plot of The Hunter, the main character is a cop arrested after being unfairly accused by his own father of participating in a kidnapping. When he gets out of jail, he is driven by a single goal: to clear his name.

The series (13x60') has already been broadcast in Brazil, reaching average ratings of 14 points and a 35% share, and seen by over 22 million viewers per day, according to Ibope figures.