Vessel launches YouTube rival with free early bird offer

DetailsJoseph O'Halloran | 24 March 2015

After three months in which it has staked out its claim to rival YouTube and even Netflix, the Vessel online video service has opened for business with free subscription for early adopters.

Vessel launch 2Headed by former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, Vessel promises to re-write the current business models in place in the online video market which the company believes make it extremely challenging, if not impossible for most creators and content owners to realise their creative and professional ambitions. At launch and in its early days Vessel will offer access to short-form videos through what is called a low-priced subscription service of $2.99 a month. This, the company believes, is sustainable through a limited amount of advertising. For those not as interested in early access, Vessel will also offer a free, ad-supported version of the service, where videos become available after their early access period.

"When we started Vessel, we believed this was a unique moment in online video. Technology has opened a world of possibilities for video delivered over the web. We started this journey because we saw those possibilities and had a vision for what online video could be. That vision was informed by our beliefs about video," Kilar said in a joint statement with CTO and fellow founder Richard Tom . "We believe that today's online creators make the videos that matter most to the next generation of video consumers. These creators are developing new formats and shows that are authentic, personal, relevant and relatable to millions of fans around the globe...We believe that we are entering the second era of web video. All of the amazing things that happened in the first era of online video are just a prelude to what's coming next."