Ovation TV launches YouTube MCN

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 25 March 2015

Ovation TV is working with YouTube to create a multi-channel network (MCN), Ovation Digital Arts which will curate digital work from various artists with personalised audience development support.

"We are establishing a ground-breaking artist community by linking extremely talented YouTube creators and America's only 24/7 television network dedicated to the arts," said digital strategist Stephen Dypiangco, vice president at Ovation Digital Arts. "Targeted distribution and promotion to arts-loving viewers is where we excel, and we will actively spotlight our channel partners on Ovation shows, invite them to host programmes and source their talents for new original programming."

Ovation Digital Arts' initial channel partners include artists in the fields of dance, photography, drawing/animation, painting, music and others. Also, Ovation's own YouTube channel, Ovation TV, will be managed by Ovation Digital Arts.

"Ovation Digital Arts has taken the MCN model and refined it for the artist community," said Charles Segars, CEO at Ovation. "Unlike the big, clearinghouse MCNs that have to sign tens of thousands of channels and can leave some of their partners feeling forgotten, our creators' community will be highly curated and focused on the artists themselves. They want other platforms to exhibit upon and reach new fans. We can provide them with our 54 million-subscriber TV network and 30 million VOD homes."

In addition to backing from Ovation TV's linear and online platforms, Ovation Digital Arts will also provide in securing distribution via non-YouTube platforms, ad sales/brand integration support, crowd-funding guidance, digital rights management and business affairs services. It can also assist with creating connections to collaborators and production facilities in Los Angeles.