Telestream debuts Tempo for re-timing video

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 25 March 2015

Telestream has introduced Tempo, a time adjustment solution for re-timing file-based video content.

Running on the Vantage media-processing platform, Tempo can be used for intelligently adjusting the running time of shows and segments, using time compression algorithms that the company says improves turn-around times. It also offers a full workflow management and transcoding system.

"For content owners and distributors, adjusting the runtime is important as it creates additional revenue opportunities and decreases distribution costs," explained Shawn Carnahan, CTO at Telestream.

In regard to media analysis, Tempo is built to interpolate the desired time change over the duration of the content in a way that produces no noticeable visual or audible artefacts.

"It can adjust an existing asset's running time from 1% to 10% without any perceived loss of video or audio quality," the company said. "Tempo also has the ability to re-time the complete asset, including video, audio and captions, offering unmatched quality that is consistent with stringent broadcast and network-level requirements."

Tempo is especially helpful to companies who are working with content from other eras or other regions of the world where the ad timing is different than their current format, the company explained.

"Syndicated content duration from the 1950s through the 1970s was longer than the typical syndicated content from the modern broadcast era," Carnahan said. "This presents problems in fitting these longer length programmes into current ad-block alignments. Tempo is an ideal solution for aligning the timing of this content."