The real-time TV analytics company TVbeat is to launch its service with the Telekom Austria group subsidiaries Vipnet in Croatia and Mobiltel in Bulgaria.

The partnership will allow both platforms to measure their content performance and understand trends with granular data on viewing behaviour provided by TVbeat, live and on-demand.

Commenting on the development, Vipnet’s Adrian Ježina, CTO said: “Vipnet is innovation leader in the telecom market in Croatia and was one of the first European mobile operators that become convergent, thus completing its transformation process into a company that offers comprehensive communication solutions and multi-screen experience. We are offering multiple TV technologies like cable, IPTV, satellite and OTT and believe that our partnership with TVbeat will be beneficial for us to understand insights on what people are watching and when, to subsequently tailor our business offerings to these habits and needs.”

In Bulgaria, the penetration of pay-TV is 85%, ahead of the EU average of 60%. This offers an opportunity for MobilTel to build a relationship with TVbeat, to understand content consumption. Mobiltel and TVbeat are currently working towards their future partnership and the launch of services in the upcoming months.

Magdalena Malinova, TVbeat’s VP of business development, added: “We’re delighted to begin working with Vipnet and Mobiltel, both part of the respectable Telekom Austria Group. People are now watching TV across multiple devices at a time and place convenient for them, so we developed a new solution to analyse all this data. These upcoming partnerships mark another great and exciting development for TVbeat as we expand across Central and Eastern Europe and we believe this will uncover new opportunities for Vipnet and Mobiltel as they will better understand content consumption, through in-depth insights and trends.”