Brazil fears DIRECTV, América Móvil duopoly

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 27 March 2015

Brazil's pay-TV market is clearly dominated by DIRECTV's SKY and América Móvil's platforms Claro and Net, which are way ahead of their immediate competitors, a situation which is beginning to concern the regulatory authorities.

According to TeleTime, Joăo Rezende, president of Anatel, said during an event organised by Momento Editorial that pay-TV is the only area within the Brazilian telecoms sector which is facing a competition issue.

"The pay-TV sector almost exists in a duopoly situation between América Móvil and SKY," said Rezende, who sees the two main reasons behind the current situation in the market as being the changes of access regulation and the current restrictions regarding content distribution. "Still it's essential to have more room for competition," he added.

Rezende said that it is up to the cinema regulator Ancine to make a decision regarding content, and the only thing Anatel can do is offer legal support.

Speaking about the general situation of the Brazilian telecoms sector, Rezende said: "Anatel is satisfied with the current competition levels of the market, except for these specific issues, but in other sectors it could even be good to have some more concentration".