RCS&RDS is pursuing an aggressive expansion policy in Romania’s cable market, gaining nearly 100,000 new subscribers since the beginning of 2014.

According to ZF, it paid over €10 million for acquisitions over this period, with the latest being the €2 million for the operator Pan Electro. Based in Calarasi and Ialomita counties, the latter has over 14,000 subscribers.

RCS&RDS also established a presence in Cluj last year, paying €130 plus VAT per subscriber for a network with around 50,000 customers.

Furthermore, it secured a presence in several other cities, some indirectly through a company named Clever Media Network, adding almost 50,000 more subscribers to its total.

RCS&RDS is already the leading cable – as well as DTH – operator in Romania.

UPC, its closest rival in the cable sector, secured an additional 50,000 cable subscribers in 2104 without making any acquisitions.