Littlefox taps Aframe for video content collaboration

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 28 March 2015

Littlefox Communications has chosen Aframe's Cloud Video Platform as a collaborative space to manage and edit video content it creates for its clients.

As a digital communications company specialising in video to aid and develop business strategies for editors, production teams and animators, Littlefox needed a "one to many" solution that would allow easy access to content irrespective of the team's location.

Littlefox will uses Aframe to share content digitally with various contributors across the globe in real time without making copies.

Prior to Aframe, Littlefox relied on courier services and the costly use of hard disk drives. "Before using Aframe the process of sharing footage was a lot slower and more costly," explained Littlefox CEO Joanna Lewis. "It could sometimes take up to a week for footage to make it into the editing process previously, but now we can share, edit and finalise footage in a day if we need to. It has completely changed our workflow."