Three-quarters of OTT users give up in first four minutes

DetailsJoseph O'Halloran | 28 March 2015

Research from video optimisation firm Conviva has indicated that the seemingly inexorable rise of over the top may not be such a sure thing as poor quality is leading users to pull the plug on OTT services.

The How Consumers Judge their Viewing Experience report found that content may be king but quality of experience is everything, revealing the steep challenges OTT service providers, internet service providers (ISPs) and content delivery networks (CDNs) face. Indeed stream interruptions, inadequate picture fidelity and other poor streaming experience issues prompt nearly three-quarters of all OTT video viewers to give up in the first four minutes of playback.

convivaThe survey revealed that viewers had low tolerance for poor video experience, with only a quarter willing to engage with video content for more than four minutes of an inferior viewing experience. Furthermore a third said that they would leave OTT services to find content elsewhere as soon as playback degradations occur and two-fifths reported reduced affinity for a service after one bad experience.

This lack of tolerance extended across platforms as viewers assigned blame for poor experiences almost equally to the OTT service they are using, their ISP, and CDNs delivering the content. Fewer than 16% of consumers would try watching on another device after a sub-par experience on their first attempted device.

"The stakes have never been higher," said Conviva CEO Hui Zhang. "As content consumption moves away from the traditional TV-based model, broadcasters need to ensure their online platforms deliver a seamless experience regardless of the device used."