The High Court in Dublin has granted an injunction against UPC Ireland, ordering it to take action against the illegal download of music over its network.

Three music companies; Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music were granted an injunction ordering the cableco and ISP to tell offending subscribers their account will be terminated unless they cease illegal activity. The music companies themselves would highlight the offending customers before advising UPC.

Customers would receive two warning letters before the service is finally withdrawn. Unlike the three strikes policy already in place at Ireland’s largest ISP, Eircom, UPC will not be disconnecting customers directly. This will be decided by court order.

A spokesperson for UPC told Broadband TV News: “we note Friday’s judgment and are currently in the process of reviewing the detail.”

It’s estimated bringing in the policy will cost UPC close to €900,000 with annual running costs of up to €300,000. UPC had argued that the cost be borne in part by the music companies.

The case has now been adjourned while a submission is prepared on how the order will be implemented.