The integration of UPC Nederland and Ziggo into a single cable operator means the loss of 450 jobs, Ziggo announced Wednesday.

In addition ‘several hundred’ short-term contracts and external jobs will be axed. The company has submitted its proposals to the workers’ council for approval.

The transition will take place between July 2015 and December 2018. New Ziggo will be headquartered at the current Ziggo offices in Utrecht (pictured). Offices in Heerhugowaard, Rijswijk and Nijmegen will be closed down.

In the statement, UPC and Ziggo said they “have ensured a good social plan on which employees can count.” An integral part of the social plan is that all staff will be offered coaching to ensure they will be able to find work, both internally and externally.

Following the merger, the new Ziggo will reach a potential of 90% of the Dutch population. The combined operations serve 4.3 milllion TV customers, 3.1 million broadband connections and 2.6 million telephony homes.

Ziggo will now also be able to offer over two million free Wi-Fi spots across the country.