Barwin Tv Media, European TV Guild expand channel distribution

DetailsEditor | 01 April 2015

Barwin Tv Media and the European Television Guild have expanded their existing relationship to further enhance their expertise in the international distribution and marketing of television channels.

The deal encompassing digital terrestrial, IPTV, OTT, cable, DTH and mobile platforms sees the premier content provider and distributor of international channels operating in the Far East and Indian Sub-Continent offer licensed access to markets such as India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, China and Africa. It expects to continue developing a range of new interactive platforms throughout 2015 and beyond.

Both companies have also agreed to work together in offering channels access to these markets in a professional, fast and inexpensive way, with regard to elements such as regulatory and access matters, content rights issues, as well as the commercial development within countries.

Commenting on the announcement, Chetan Maniar, managing director and CEO of Barwin Tv Media, whose operations are based in Singapore, India, Malaysia and Indonesia, said: "European Television Guild is a leader in the international distribution of television programming and we are very pleased to work with it on a professional basis. It gives not only our platforms enhanced first class products, but also allows our clients to simplify their administration and extend their access more cost effectively to other marketplaces as well."

"International television distribution is growing substantially with improved technology. In turn this provides a multitude of new outlets for both channels and content to be received by the viewer efficiently and cost effectively," added ETG CEO and director Graham Pitman. "Many international channels appeal to viewers in the global marketplace and our calling within this industry is to provide such services. Partnerships between professional companies such as Barwin Tv Media LLP and the ETG, further extend the opportunities for channel and content owners to achieve added value distribution in a straightforward way."