Beginning this month smart TVs, Blu-ray players and set top-boxes from several major brands sold across Europe will come with a remote control that has a dedicated button to tune into Netflix.

This is the first time that consumer electronics makers are shipping devices with a Netflix button across Europe. A button that gives direct access to Netflix has been common on remote controls for smart TVs and Blu-ray players in the United States for years.

“The new Netflix button on remotes in Europe makes watching Netflix as easy as changing the channel on traditional TV, allowing viewers to enjoy our great programming much quicker,” said Bill Holmes, head of business development for Netflix.

Consumers in Europe will find the new Netflix button on remote controls that come with devices from Panasonic, Philips, Sony, Toshiba and Vestel. The remote controls will be included with 2015 as well as some 2014 model year products.

The dedicated Netflix buttons on remote controls are part of a broader effort at Netflix to work with consumer electronics manufacturers to build televisions and other devices for a superior internet TV experience. Other aspects of the work include improving smart TV performance, easier menu navigation and new features such as faster playback start and resume.

Over the last seven years, Netflix engineers have worked with makers of internet-ready televisions, game consoles, set-top boxes and mobile devices to test their products and ensure consumers get a great Netflix experience right out of the box. This culminated in the launch of the Netflix Recommended TV programem in January at the Consumer Electronics Show.