Consumption of online and on demand content is almost universal for the under 24s, according to a new study for the regulator Ofcom.

Attitudes to Online and On Demand Content, produced for the regulator by BRDC Continental and Providing Intelligence suggests three-quarters quarters (71%) of adults aged 16+ claim to have ‘ever viewed’ on-demand and online content. Between the ages of 16 and 24 the figure rises to 94%.

Among teens, aged 12 to 15, consumption patterns are similar to those of all adults, albeit with a higher level of use for most services.

TV catch-up services like the BBC iPlayer or the new All 4 are the most likely to be correctly identified as being regulated, but misunderstanding of regulation grows as the user moves away from TV Like services.

Around 40% of users know that user-generated content is unregulated, however there is misunderstanding on the regulation of video on news websites, with younger adult users more likely to get it wrong.

Most users think that responsibility for regulating on-demand and online services lies with content providers themselves.